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Dick Smith slams OTAs for duping Aussie travellers

AUSTRALIAN entrepreneur Dick Smith has slammed multinational 'leeches’ from the United States for ripping off accommodation houses in regional towns.

In a passionate online plea, the national icon has demanded citizens boycott holiday bookings through online travel agencies such as, Trivago and Wotif as they‘re owned by ‘American billionaires who just steal money out of our country.’
He believes more than 50 per cent of holiday bookings are now done through American OTA’s that charge small businesses large commissions, robbing them of vital income.

“It’s extortion,” he said.

"Imagine if everyone decides from now on they are not going to be conned by these huge billionaire leech companies sucking money out of family businesses in our country towns? 

"Imagine if you weren’t paying 20 per cent here and 30 per cent there off to America. You could spend the money in your town, you could do up your hotel, you could employ the tradie.

“You could go back to donating to the football club which traditionally the family motels used to do.”